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Rising Expectations of Nation Building Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Rising Expectations of Nation Building - Essay Example This has led to the sustainable development handed down from the various presidents that have led in the United States. This system of governance characterized by presidency has had a major revolution in the countries and continuous development. Therefore, the various presidents have contributed immensely towards the growth of the states which have been actualized through their different styles of leadership. Leadership styles refer to the different ways in which the various leaders formulate laws, provide the way forward to their people and motivate them for better outcomes. The effectiveness of a leader in his work will vary depending on the styles of governance. A good leader tends to apply various modes of governance while a bad leader will only resort to a particular mode. The types of leadership styles range from autocratic, democratic to free reign. An autocratic leader fails to consult the followers but will instead dictate what is to be done and how it is to be achieved (Tan nenbaum & Schmidt, 2003). A leader who improvises the free reign allows the followers to participate in the decision making. In this case, the people perform the task at hand but the leader becomes the one in charge. It is based on the notion that nobody can do everything and therefore, the leader selects some tasks as priorities and delegates the rest. A democratic leader will employ a few representatives in the decision making process while he sustains the final decision authority especially where the decision involves separate parts which are held by various people. In this case, the employees work as a team and have to be very skillful and with full information of their surroundings. In their leadership the leaders take into consideration the various human needs by trying to come up with teams, providing psychological support and providing accessible help to their surbordinates. They also motivate the people to work so as to increase production through the provision of work stru cture and goals. The United States Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy are said to be great democrats (Schriesheim, 2002). Their contributions to nation building are immense and they have used most of the styles of leadership to enhance their effectiveness. A major style that led to President’s Kennedy success as a leader is his being a delegate. He elected some economic advisors to carry out decisions relating to the economic affairs and a committee for the legislature. In this manner, he was usually involved in the running of the state economic affairs. He also delegated work to his brother in- law to head the Peace Corps whose main aim was to deliver assistance to most of the underdeveloped countries of the world through the provision of construction materials, farming equipment, education facilities and health. In his quest to fight the communist as had been briefed by Eisenhower, President Kennedy dispatched Johnson to meet Diem of Vietnam so as to assure him o f his support. He provided military helicopters and more advisors to help n the fight. In being a delegate the president had various sectors being acted upon ensuring full running of the state including sectors such as defense, intelligence, trade, international relations, political arena and economic policy. This was equally applicable to Eisenhower who had advisors on

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