Monday, November 18, 2019

Masters Entry Diploma in Management - Independent Study Essay

Masters Entry Diploma in Management - Independent Study - Essay Example Descriptive and inferential statistical measures were used in the treatment of the data gathered. Hypotheses were tested using two-tailed analysis and a significance level of 0.05. Findings of the study revealed that the respondents were equally represented in terms of gender and age. The virtual teams representing more than a hundred store locations within the UK functions effectively to some extent. There were no significant differences in their team effectiveness when the respondents are grouped by geographical location, gender, age and department represented. The study also revealed that organisational culture has not fully embraced or harnessed change to support its goals. Communication among the team is adequate to some extent. No significant differences were noted in the respondents’ assessment of their culture and adequacy of communication when the respondents were grouped by geographical location. The study also demonstrated no significant association between team eff ectiveness and the factors organisational culture and communication. ... Introduction 1 2.0. Critical Review of the Relevant Literature 5 2.1. Objectives of the Critical Literature Review 5 2.2. Related Literature 5 2.3. Related Studies 8 3.0. Research Design 10 3.1. Research Method 10 3.2. Sampling Design 10 Determination of the sample size for this study was computed using random sampling methodology. From a total workforce of 33,000, the sample size was computed using a randomised Web-based sample size calculator (Raosoft, 2004). The parameters used in the calculation were: (1) margin of error, 5%; (2) confidence level, 95%; (3) population size, 33,000; and (4) response distribution, 50%. As shown in Appendix 1, the minimum required sample size is 380. This number was, however, increased by 15% to cover for contingency in case of unretrieved questionnaires, incompletely answered questionnaires (10 or more items), invalid questionnaires (one or more parts totally unanswered). Hence, the actual size of the study sample is 437. 11 To assure representative ness in the selection of respondents for study, the random number generator of Microsoft Excel (2003) was utilized. Three worksheets were used, one each for the three UK regions. In worksheet 1, the store locations In England were inputted as columns alternated with blank columns. Under each store location column, the email addresses of the respondents are inputted in no particular order. On the blank space to the right of each email address, random numbers in the range from 1 to 500 are assigned in each of the 138 blank columns. The random numbers generated in the blank columns will each be sorted from highest to lowest. The email addresses corresponding to the highest three or four random numbers will be included in the list of respondents of the study. Larger stores in each

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