Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Observation essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Observation - Essay Example He actually calls upon his mother for assistance to keep his sisters out of his room. It is very apparent from how marshal behaves in the morning that he is very quick in doing things. He also seems very impatient. He likes things happening fast and therefore pushes everyone around. He yells to his sisters asking them whether they are ready. Torn between breakfast and going to school, he seems to prefer to forego breakfast. Maybe he is time conscious and would not want to be late for school. Marshal feels proud to be the only man in the house and wants everybody to notice that. Self-assertive people are characterized by a degree of authority in expression of their ideas (Pfeiffer 6). It is not difficult to notice his self-assertiveness as he talks to his sisters. However, he is intelligent enough not to be overly assertive towards his mother. Interestingly, Marshall intelligently gauges every situation and reacts to it appropriately. It does not come by surprise that his attitude varies as he talks to different people. It is not so difficult to notice the way he stri ves to show his authority around the house. He has to hang his jacket or a coat on one of his shoulders and swing around for everyone to see. It is interesting to imagine what kind of a man or a boss he will be when he grows up. Although Marshal is usually impatient, he sometimes calms down and lets natural events take place. Regardless of the hunger, he still sits down and waits to be served with the available food. However, the food is not pleasing to him and he refuses to take it. He has a strong self-drive and would always do what pleases him most which makes him go for tuna and wheat meal instead of served beans and corn bread. Additionally, he confidently asks for ice cream even after refusing to eat the food prepared for family. Although it cannot be claimed that he is so self-centered, he always thinks about himself first. While his sisters

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