Thursday, January 23, 2020

Dennis the Menis movie report Essay -- essays research papers

Dennis the Menace Report In the movie Dennis the Menace, there are many different age groups represented; childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and older adulthood. During childhood, children are carefree, fearless, talkative, curious, and playful. In adolescence, teens are faced with many important responsibilities and decisions. They start to become more mature and become interested in the opposite sex and sexual actions. When you enter into the adulthood and older adulthood world then you are faced with many more decisions and obstacles including; what job you are going to choose to do for the rest of your life and when or if you are even going to get married and start a family. Also, you must think about buying food, clothes, a house, car and other necessities or wants. Along with each age group comes some worries. When you are in the childhood age group, things that seem big to you actually are not all that big. For example, when Dennis’ mom tells him he has to go to Margaret’s house while she goes to work all summer, he acts like it is the end of the world. In the adolescent age group things get a little more stressful. Some things that are stressful for the adolescents are keeping up their grades because school has gotten harder, getting a job, making the team, and things like that. With the adulthood and older adulthood age group comes the realization of necessities needed to just get by because it is the first time you are supporting yourself. As time goes on you ge...

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